Jackrabbit Trails, December 2000
Paul Schoeman

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C10 C12 C13 C15
American first aid team trapped in No Man's Land. LCpl Bieler & Pte Grant scan German lines. LCpl Lunde providing artillery support. LCpl Cuesta and Pte Brewer in the Commonwealth trenches.
C16 C17 C19 C2
LCpl Bieler heading for shelter. Pte Busic and Pte Cotton break from fatigues. Pte Cotton on the Vickers. LCpl Cuesta giving orders in the trenches.
C24 C25 C27 C3
Pte Brewer clearing No Man's Land with the Vickers. Pte Busic and LCpl Cuesta take shelter from the afternoon sun. LCpl Bieler in firebay two. Pte Brewer dodges German sniper fire.